Cooling fan and overheat problems with the car’s AC unit

The rotation of the cooling fun part which is very weak and even dead can trigger the car as to feel cold. Furthermore, it will adversely affect the condenser which is no longer able to remove the hot temperature. So that the cool air cannot be maximized. Aside from that, if you’ve got a problem with an AC in your room instead of the one in your car, we’d like you to go to and hire the reliable AC repair company in Singapore.


In addition, the occurrence of Overheat in the AC system is also possible. The pressure that occurs in the AC system that is too large will lead to overheating. This too large pressure will result in breaking the magnetic clutch part. Another possibility that can occur as well as breaking up the electric current that connects the coil field and then the compressor body parts are not able to work according to the maximum composition.