The film Captain Marvel takes the background in 1995

Until now, what we can confirm from the film Captain Marvel is that this film will have a time setting in 1990. This gives Captain Marvel a concrete step about where his position is in the MCU timeline. But, it seems we finally know when exactly the time is the background of the Captain Marvel movie. Meanwhile, try the ShowBox app to know more info about the upcoming movies.

The official Disney Japan site finally clarified the time. Specifically, the Captain Marvel movie has a background set in 1995. This is right and in accordance with what we see in its official trailer, which shows us clues about its time. In one of the early scenes, Carol fell to the earth at a Blockbuster Video shop, which Blockbuster himself did branding again in 1996. It was later confirmed that the film would take a set time in the late 1990s.

Then at the end, we see Carol punching an old woman on a subway. A match attached to it shows the Los Angeles Green Line in the background. The Green Line was only opened in 1995. Therefore, based on the trailer, the film has a background time in early 1996 or 1996. The Japanese Disney site also has interesting references related to the Captain Marvel movie plot, mentioned that the story is “the birth of the Avengers.”