Practicing Spiritual Intelligence to Become a Better Person

Spiritual intelligence is one dimension in human health that is formulated in addition to physical and mental health. Spiritual intelligence can be described as a form of human effort in finding hope, meaning, and tranquility in his life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three important components which are healthy definitions based on the concept of actual healthy life, including physical health, emotional health, and social welfare. However, in recent years, some experts have added spiritual intelligence as one of the balancing factors of the three basic concepts. This type of intelligence can actually be seen based on the activity of the human brain when doing things that are beneficial to his mental health, such as meditating or worshiping. But if that is not enough, that means indicating something is wrong in your soul, one of which is the accumulation of magical or mystical auras and negative forces that surround you. This must be immediately overcome with the remove black magic process.

Spirituality is closely related to health because basically the body, mind, and soul are interconnected. Health in one aspect will have an impact on other health aspects. Some studies have even found that the positive thinking and strength found by humans from religion contributes to healing and human health. Although spiritual intelligence is considered an important component in life, it is difficult to describe it into indicators that can be measured scientifically. Everyone has a unique and different vocation and spiritual awareness. But the goal is the same, namely to seek peace and inner peace. Everyone has a different way to achieve spiritual intelligence, for example through prayer, meditation, positive affirmation of oneself (affirmations), singing spiritual songs, reading inspirational books, vacationing in the open air, and conducting voluntary activities.

In addition to improving spiritual intelligence, don’t forget to always improve emotional and intellectual intelligence. Continue to improve the quality of your life by trying to be a better human being and always pray to God Almighty. As a compliment, whatever gratitude you have for getting spiritual peace.