Simple offline media that can help your online business

Stickers that read your URL, you can install in strategic places. For example in food stalls or internet cafes. You can also install it in your vehicle. Apart from that, we also recommend you to try the promising Craigslist Ad Posting Service.

Besides that, you can also try T-shirts. This is a more mobile advertising medium. You can share or use your own shirt with attractive designs and your URL listed. The same way you can do for other objects such as mugs, plastic bags, umbrellas, pens, hats and more. And make sure you always use it when meeting other people.

Then, maybe you also need to try making a computer wallpaper. Create a computer wallpaper that has an attractive design and your URL listed, and install it on a computer screen. If installed on an office computer, your colleagues will not hesitate to ask.

In addition, join a community. By having new friends, your chances of success will be greater. You can invite them to join your online business. Remember, more friends means more fortune!