Skipping or Running, Which Sport Is Right to Lose Weight

Everyone clearly wants to lose their weight and have an ideal body weight. Some of them will do various workouts in order to get the perfect weight. One workout that can be done even though at home is skipping. You can use the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners so that your skipping exercise runs smoothly and provides maximum results.

Skipping is believed to be able to lose weight. However, does running also have the same function? Many people are still confused about which one is better for losing weight, is it running or skipping? Consider the following explanation.

– Skipping vs. running
Both of them certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of you may prefer to run rather than jump rope, and some of you may be the opposite. Those of you who like to run may enjoy more time running because of the scenery you see, your mood might be better when you run. You can also spend your running time with friends. In addition, this sport is also cheaper, you don’t need any equipment to do this sport. For those of you who are lazy to go out, then skipping can be the right choice. However, for those of you who want to breathe fresh air, then running can be your choice.

– Which burns more calories?
Choose to skip or running? This depends on your wishes. Both can burn your calories. Based on calculations using WebMD’s sports calculator, those of you who weigh 60 kg can burn as much as 80 calories while jumping rope for 10 minutes, burn about 70 calories while jogging for 10 minutes, and burn about 80 calories when running at a speed of 5 miles per hour for 10 minutes.
From the explanation above, it is certain that skipping is a sport that burns more calories than running.