These are some types of flowers that are often used for aroma incense

You certainly often see someone worship by using incense. Many people worship with incense indeed because it has its own purpose. Apart from all these goals, the most frequently mentioned is because the aroma of incense has many benefits and can calm the mind. To get the incense you need for worship, you can visit

Aroma is believed to be able to influence a person’s brain. So, the soothing aroma of incense is the one that is most sought after. Incense itself has several scents made from flowers. Some types of flowers that are often used for the aroma of incense are

– Red rose
Roses are popular plants that are used as fragrances throughout the world. Mawar is believed to have the power to generate positive energy, arouse passion/zest for life, increase harmony between partners, make the atmosphere become romantic and warm.

– Jasmine
In some cultures, jasmine is considered a sacred flower that is often associated with certain rituals. Jasmine has also been used for thousands of years as a source of fragrance. Jasmine incense burns provide various benefits, including generating positive thoughts, giving a sense of calm and increasing creativity.

– Lotus
The lotus incense gives off a mild and soft scent. The aroma of the lotus is often associated with peace of mind, increased focus, and increased thinking ability. Therefore lotus incense is perfect for meditation purposes.

– Champa
More and more people are starting to like this type of incense because it smells fragrant. The interest that has been used as a national flower by Lao society is considered by many cultures to have high spiritual value because of this incense is very suitable for ritual purposes. The exotic smell soothes the mind, relieves stress and thus opens access to deeper meditation realm. This incense is also believed to arouse courage.

Some types of flowers above are often used as a scent for incense because it is believed to have many benefits. To get the incense you need is usually rather difficult, you need to know the place that provides the incense you need.